Natural- C Aqua developed after a long research and experiments using many herbs with rich source of vitamin- C. Natural- C Aqua is a natural form of vitamin- C with many antioxidants which is very useful for fish, prawns and shrimps. Natural-C Aqua increases antistress properties in the aqua species. As compare to the synthetic vitamin-C, Natural-C aqua live active for long time in the body of fish, prawns and shrimps. Natural-C Aqua helps in improving growth, feed conversion efficiency and production. Natural-C Aqua increases the antioxidant level of the body in fish, prawns and shrimps. Natural-C Aqua comparatively more stable and completely absorbed than synthetic vitamin-C.


Catla, Rohu, Mrigal and other fish            : 1 gm / kg of feed.
Shrimps, prawns, Cat- fish             : 2 gm / kg of feed.

Natural-C Aqua should be mixed with water to make a paste which should then be thoroughly mixed with the feed and after drying given to the fish, prawns and shrimps.


1 kg pack.