Natural C.E.premix is a mixture of natural form of Vitamin-C & Vitamin-E. Vitamin-C is water soluble, while Vitamin-E is fat soluble. In the production of natural C.E. premix used selected herbs which fulfill the requirement of Vitamin-C & E in fishes, prawns and other aqua species. Natural C.E. premix increases antistress properties in the aqua species. Synthetic Vitamin-C & Vitamin-E are mostly destroys when in the mixing of feed or water and in hot conditions. While natural C.E. vitamins present in natural C.E. premix do not destroy in mixing of feed or water and they live active for long time in the body of aqua species.due to the natural form of vitamins, fishes, prawns and shrimps adopt these easily& fastly. Natural
C.E. premix is very beneficial as compare to the synthetic vitamins. In the fishes, prawns etc natural C.E. premix helps in regulation of physical use of glucose & protein at high level and in right direction. Natural C.E. premix helps in the development of anti-stress properties & increase the antioxidant level of the body in fishes, prawns and shrimps.


Catla, Rohu, Mrigal and other fish  :            1 gm / kg feed.
Shrimps, Prawns, Cat-fish             :     2 gm / kg feed.

Natural C.E. should be mixed with sufficient quantity of fresh water to make a paste which should then be thoroughly mixed with the feed and after drying given to the fish, prawns & shrimps.


1 kg pack.