Relaxon is naturally developed herbal feed supplement. Prawns and shrimps are more susceptible to stress than any other animals  because  of  a  great  dependence  upon  their  surrounding  environment  Stress  disturbs  the  normal  physiological equilibrium or homeostasis of the prawns by forcing a reallocation of energy within its system. Stress cause oxidative damage to cells and higher release of cortisol in blood. Cortisol, which inturn is carried by the blood to all the cells in the body. Stress adversely affects the production performance, reproductive efficiency and survival of aquatic species.
Stress drains metabolic energy that would otherwise be utilized for maintaining normal body functions such as growth, digestion, disease resistance and reproduction etc.
Relaxon increases the adaptability of the body against stress by helping to regulate the release of cortisol.
Cortisol promotes the formation of glucose a fuel needed for nerve and muscle activity by breaking down fats and protrins to cope up with the stress. In the long run the increased use of proteins to make the fuel may be seriously damaging because proteins are needed for manufacture of new cells to maintain regular growth. The reduction in growth rate is associated with increased protein breakdown due to excess cortisol.
The inhibitory action of cortisol on the formation of the infection fighting proteins called antibodies together with shrinkage of tissues which manufactureWBC's seriously impair the immune system of the body. The antioxidant action of relaxon spare the release the corticosteroids and thus maintain immune competence, normal body defense and energy reserves. Universal antioxidant action of relaxon prevents oxidative damage in aqueous as well as lipid phase in extracellular and intracellular spaces and cell membrane as well.


Fishes                        :        1 gm / kg of feed.
Prawns and Shrimps   :                                       2-3 gm /kg of feed.


200 & 500 gm.