Zee plus is a perfect natural zeolilite for improving pond water quality in the aqua farming. It contains aqua grade pure zeolite fortifie oxygen releasers, natural gas absorbants and plankton promoters in appropriate quantities. It is derived from natural inorganic salts of   calcium, potassium,silicon etc. with unique spongy characteristics and high binding capacity.  The undigested feed, excreta, dead and decaying organic matters sattle down at the bottom of the pond. This leads to poor pond bottom and water quality.These organic matters   release toxic gases like ammnia, sulphur dioxide, hydrogen sulphide etc. causing adverse effect on growth, health and livability. For the formation of ammonia from proteins, oxygen is consumed and thus dissolved oxygen in the pond is reduced. Methane is directly harmful to aqua species, which deteriorates the water ph and quality. It is essential to reduce the levels of these toxic substances to minimize growth depression, disease incidence and mortality in fish, prawns and shrimps.
Zee plus enables highest adsorption and absorption of polluting toxic gases such as ammonia, hydrogen sulphide,
sulphurdioxide etc. in the pond through its high cation exchange capacity (CEC), even in saline water and thus provides a healthy environment for fish, prawns, and shrimps. Zee plus captures cationic nutrients an control their rapid oxidation by bacteria. Zee plus enhance water quality by maintaining pond water ph by absorbing sodium ions. Zee plus improves retention of food in the gut and increases absorption of nutrients and improving FCR. Zeeplus is also play a very important role in case of ammonia, it reduces excretion of ammonia into the pond. Zeeplus is environmental friendly and cost effective for aqua farming.


For pond preparation      :   25-50 kg / acre
For water treatment         :   20-40 kg / acre
For culture period            :   10-25 gm / acre

Repeat every 20-30 days depending on the condition of the pond or advised by the Aquaculture consultant.


5 & 25 kg.